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Happy Family Day

Monday is Family Day, a time to spend with those you care about. At Peel CAS our work focuses on keeping families together. Children belong at home and we work with parents, caregivers and other organizations to build a safe, strong community.  Our goal is to make the lives of children, youth and families better through their interaction with us.

  • Last year Peel Children’s Aid served about 10,000 families
  • More than 90% of our work with children and families was family based


There are many reasons why families may need the help of Peel Children’s Aid. Families can get stressed and overwhelmed with challenges. Different areas of stress can include poverty, unemployment, ill health, domestic violence, mental health issues, or caring for a child who has serious physical, emotional or developmental difficulties.  We are here to answer questions or concerns about children and provide support to strengthen families.

When a family needs help, Peel CAS links them with a variety of community services. Together, Peel CAS and our partners work with children and families for a stronger, healthier community.