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Peel CAS recognizes Social Work Week - March 7-13

March 7-13 is Social Work Week. Social Work Week is a chance to stop, reflect and celebrate the work that is done by social workers. This year’s theme is “Turn Issues into Answers, Social workers: Real Experts for Real Life.” “At Peel CAS, social workers play a pivotal role in the lives of families,” says Rav Bains, CEO. “Our social workers advocate, promote and often fight for change that makes a positive difference in the lives of children and families. They are champions of human rights and social justice for their clients. They strive to keep children safe and advocate for and help those most vulnerable.”

Thank you to each and every worker at Peel CAS for your commitment to helping protecting children and strengthening families.

To read more about two social workers who are making a difference at Peel CAS click here.

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