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Nurses are with us every step of the way

National Nursing Week is a time to honour our registered nurses for their contributions to the well-being of our children and families. This year's theme, "With you every step of the way," emphasizes just how important our nurses are to our community.

At Peel CAS, our nurses – infant care consultants –have a love of infants and children, a love of community nursing and teaching and a desire to support families.

Our team of seven nurses go out to families of infants 18 months and younger, and support families with medically fragile children over the age of two. They promote infant well-being through caregiver support and education, balancing emotional and physical care. And yes, they are with us every step of the way. In short, our nurses offer an invaluable service to a vulnerable population. They are collaborators who add value to case management and planning and provide teaching, mentoring and coaching to staff. They truly increase our overall ability to keep children safe. 

Nicole - Infant Care Consultant

I’ve always known I wanted to be a nurse. Inspired by my father, a medical doctor, I grew up learning empathy and kindness. I’m committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. Before coming to Peel to work as an Infant Care Consultant I founded ATEFEO, an international organization in Burkina Faso for children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS or as a result of civil war.

Children are special and beautiful, but they can’t always speak for themselves. In my role now, I get to work in collaboration with a child protection team to ensure the well-being of infants and children with development needs; provide health teachings to caregivers; and work with our community partners to link families with appropriate services.

I recently worked with a first time mom, a newcomer to Canada, with premature twin babies. She had no friends or family nearby and her husband spoke little English. The transition from the hospital setting to home was especially difficult and Peel CAS became involved after a hospital referral. For two months I paid weekly visits to mom and let the family know I was there for them. I taught them how to care for their babies and connected them with community partners Healthy Babies Healthy Children, India Rainbow, and Infant and Child Development Services Peel. The results were amazing. The babies thrived and after two months we closed the case. It was such a great feeling to help this family and know that I’m making a difference. 

To our nurses: Thank you for using your knowledge, skills and compassion to help keep our infants, children and families healthy. We are grateful for all you do.