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Happy Peel Pride!



The 9th annual Pride Week in Peel from July 11 until July 24 is our time to celebrate Peel’s diverse LGBTTIQQ2S communities. 

For the first time, there was a Pride flag raising ceremony with Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie on July 8, commemorating the LGBTQ community in Peel, and Canada's first ever Pride Month was launched June 1, 2016 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – a significant and momentous milestone in Canada in our national journey towards equity.  Although there is much more work to be done to ensure equity, inclusion and a life free from oppression in the every lives of those who identify as LGBTTIQQ2S, it is a step in the right direction. 

At Peel CAS we are committed to our journey of anti-oppression and equity.  Our agency’s Diversity Committee continues to work behind the scenes to support organizational change and ensure that our work culture is inclusive for all, especially those who have historically and currently experience marginalization.  In efforts to create a positive and safe space for our staff and clients, our Diversity Committee spearheaded All Gender washrooms on each floor at our main office.  Peel CAS is committed to having courageous conversations and learning spaces that centres the needs and voices of LGBTQ communities and supports the responsibilities of allies. This November we are hosting an LGBTQ focussed Becoming an Ally session in November that will also recognize Trans week. Ally sessions are a series of monthly conversations where Peel CAS staff have an opportunity to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion among peers in order to increase their ability to provide relevant services to Peel’s diverse community. 

For a listing of Peel Pride events, click here.

In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, our hearts go out to the families who have experienced loss and we recognize more than ever the need to support our LGBTQ communities and to challenge hateful and oppressive ideologies in order to make changes within our systems and create safe and inclusive spaces for clients and colleagues. 

Happy Peel Pride!