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Facts about worker safety

Did you know?

Peel CAS is committed to worker safety - an important focus in child welfare. A Worker Safety Report is currently being reviewed by the government and the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS). Our Union wants Peel CAS to commit to implementing these recommendations before the final report is received. It is our understanding that other CAS’s do not have these recommendations in their collective agreements as they haven’t been finalized. Peel CAS will review and discuss how to implement the recommendations once the final report is received.

Peel CAS has a numerous health and safety policies and procedures in place including:

  • A Joint Health & Safety committee made up of union and management staff reviews incidents and makes recommendations for improvement or changes.
  • A joint protocol with police, co-teaming when needed and a protocol for managing high risk situations to assist staff in situations where they may be at risk.