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Serving our youth during the labour disruption

We care about well being of youth involved with Peel CAS and we take this responsibility seriously. Our management workers are providing valuable support to youth who are involved with our agency.

If any of our youth are in need of urgent services we ask them to contact the agency.  If a youth in need of urgent services reaches out to any of our striking workers or caregivers they are obligated to immediately contact the agency to inform us of this concern. Members of the community are also encouraged to call if have a concern about a youth or child.

We know that one of our youth has written a letter regarding services that she required. We are fully aware of this youth and her needs. Our staff have met with her on multiple occasions and are providing ongoing support to ensure she gets the help she needs. 

During the labour disruption we continue to provide youth between the ages of 18-21 with monthly funding, support bringing children into care if they are unsafe at home, maintain regular contact with foster parents who care for our youth, doing plans of care with youth and deal with urgent matters as they arise.