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Crossing the picket line

Since the labour disruption began, Peel CAS's goal has always been to reach a negotiated collective agreement. However as the strike continues, we have heard from some of our striking staff that you would like to come back to work. The agency has made a decision that if you are a strking worker, and would like to cross the picket line and return to work, you can do so. If you have questions around returning to work you can contact Sandra Chiodo in Human Resources.

Some striking staff members have questions about possible repercussions regarding what might happen once the strike is over if you chose to cross the picket line. While Peel CAS cannot answer any of those questions, we do know that all employees are entitled to fair representation by your elected union. If you have additional questions beyond what your local union can answer, you can contact the CUPE National office at 905-568-4646 for further information.