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Toronto Star article - corrected version

On November 29, the Toronto Star published an article about the ongoing strike between Peel CAS and CUPE Local 4914. The article contained two factual errors that Peel CAS felt it was important to correct. The following information was shared with the Star.

Date of the Ministry supervised vote

The date for the vote is chosen by the Ministry of Labour. The Ministry of Labour ensures the vote takes place 5 to 10 days after the employer request is received.  This timeline ensures that the employer is able to get their offer and notice out to employees to give them sufficient notice of the voting day. The Ministry assigns the date not the employer.  Prior to submitting our request in writing we called the Ministry of Labour to inquire about dates and they told us that December 8 was the earliest date they had available so when we made our written submission we used this date.

Offer to employees

The article states that the offer has not changed since the strike began.  Peel CAS's offer has been enhanced at both the October 11 and October 26 negotiation meetings.  At the Oct. 11 meeting the employer enhanced 4 articles in the collective agreement (as per the union’s proposals) and on October 26 further enhanced the offer in three areas.