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Ministry supervised vote - Important details including new location

Peel CAS has asked the Ministry of Labour to hold a secret ballot vote to give all members within the union an opportunity to vote on the last offer presented to the union team. There has been much discussion and media coverage about the purpose and timing of the vote, and we wanted to provide some clarification.

Date of the vote

The date for the vote is chosen by the Ministry of Labour. The Ministry of Labour ensures the vote takes place 5 to 10 days after the employer request is received. This timeline ensures that the employer is able to get their offer and notice out to employees to give them sufficient notice of the voting day. The Ministry assigns the date not the employer. Prior to submitting our request in writing we called the Ministry of Labour to inquire about dates and they told us that December 8 was the earliest date they had available so when we made our written submission we used this date. 

The union expressed concern with the date and the Ministry has agreed to move the date to December 6. The Ministry has also had to change the location of the vote.


New location

Versailles Convention Centre
6721 Edwards Boulevard, Mississauga
Main Floor, Room B
Mississauga ON


8 am - 10 am
12 noon - 2 pm
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm




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