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Black History Month profile: Peel CAS youth board member Royale Godfrey

Royale is one of Peel CAS’s youth board members. As a former youth in care, Royale brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to the board. She is involved in the Peel CAS youth council which meets monthly and she is able to bring this valuable feedback directly to the board. “I was in care from a young age,” says Royale. “I am able to help bring a different perspective of what works and what doesn’t, and in turn it is my hope that my feedback can help make a positive impact on youth who are currently in care.”

Royale believes that people have the power to control their own destiny. “I believe paying careful attention to what is happening around you and making positive “tweaks” to what may not be working will help ensure a successful future.” She also has a message for other youth involved with CAS. “Everyone has challenges. Don’t let what happened to you define who you are or who you’re going to be. Youth in care have resources such as a worker or caregiver that can help you make a life plan. Figure out what you really love to do and then do the necessary research, network with the right individuals who can help you achieve your goals.” For Royale her goal was to work in the field of Human Resources. She studied hard and with the right motivation around her, graduated from York University and is now working in her field.

During Black History Month Royale believes that educating yourself about your history is key. “Not only does it define where we came from but it also influences where we are now and where we are going in the future and that is something to be proud of.”