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Black History Month profile: Peel CAS board member Solomon Owoo

Solomon learned the value of giving back from his uncle who invested a lot of time and effort in supporting and helping others. As a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, Solomon joined the Peel CAS board of directors as a volunteer with the finance committee. He has also served as treasurer and for the past two years has been in the role of Vice-President. “A former member encouraged me to join the board,” says Solomon. “As a member of a minority community we can either sit back and complain or be a part of the solution. I chose to be part of the decision making process that can drive change.”

One of the most important things Solomon has learned is that there is a big knowledge gap between what the community knows about Peel Children’s Aid and what actually happens at the agency. “There is a lot of good work done at CAS that extends beyond child protection,” says Solomon. “I feel it is important to lend my voice to help others better understand the work of the agency and its commitment to improving the lives of children, youth and families it works with. There are challenges with every human organization but being part of the decision making process is a way to address some of the challenges and drive change.”

Raising awareness is something Solomon is passionate about. “During Black History Month it is important to reflect and right some of the historical wrongs,” says Solomon. “Every community has positives and negatives. Unfortunately in the black community many of the negatives are often highlighted. I believe we should focus on highlighting the positives such as the good work being done by many black leaders in our community. This is something to be shared and celebrated. I also spend time with my family and get out to events, movies and concerts that help us to celebrate our culture. We have conversations about what has gone on during the past year and what our hopes are for the year to come.”