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Black History Month profile: Peel CAS board member Juliet Jackson

Juliet Jackson has worked at the Region of Peel for 24 years. During her career with the Region she has had various roles, all with a focus on service to others.

Finding ways to help families is what attracted Juliet to Peel CAS. “An incident happened in my own family where my niece and nephew were taken into care of CAS,” says Juliet. “I was impressed with the process and how family members were engaged. It really opened my eyes to view CAS in a different way. In many racialized communities, we see CAS as the enemy. This experience enabled me to see them instead as a partner.” So when an opportunity came along to be a member of the Peel CAS Board of Directors, Juliet jumped at the chance. “Helping families and individuals to thrive and be self sufficient is my passion and being on the Board is another way that I feel I can make a difference.” 

In her role as Director of the newly created Office of Culture and Inclusion at the Region of Peel she will now be able to influence change at a corporate level. “I’m excited about this new role and the opportunity to be an ambassador for an organizational culture that anchors diversity and inclusion within the Region.”

The start of Juliet's new role coincided with Black History Month, a time that she uses to pause and reflect. “It is important to not forget what has happened in the past, but we also need to celebrate the significant accomplishments made by people of colour. There is still much to do; many people of colour suffer from trauma passed down for generations due to being enslaved, which continues to negatively affect us. I believe it is important for the black community to come together as one to strengthen ourselves from within. Together we can shape our collective future for the better.”