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March 6-12 is National Social Work Week

It's National Social Work Week, a chance for us to stop, reflect and celebrate the work that our social workers do.  This year’s theme is “Social workers: Real expertise, real life, real impact”.  It highlights the role that social workers play in helping turn issues into answers.

Our social workers recognize that people are experts of their own lives. We thank them for their compassion and dedication. Their ability to treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve makes a difference in keeping families together and children safe. 



I believe in serving others and doing what I can to improve the quality of people’s lives. As a social worker, I meet families wherever they are on their journey, establish what their needs are and help them to thrive. Many families are often dealing with a variety of issues like poverty or disability, where income is not enough to meet basic needs. I work tirelessly to get them back on their feet; I lend a compassionate ear, connect them with services and supports, and teach them to be resourceful – where to buy secondhand clothing and furniture, and let them know it’s okay to use food banks if they need to.

Community is important and I often reach out to others to solicit items a family may need. One of my clients, Carla*, is a single mom with 5 kids. She has health concerns and is having trouble making ends meet. Last month I connected with Joan, an agency employee in my quest for a kitchen table for Carla’s family. Joan knew of a family friend getting rid of a table and Peel Children’s Aid Foundation helped to facilitate the donation. Mom was happy and I felt elated that I could help. This is meaningful work.

*name has been changed