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Child and Youth Care Workers Week - Meet Elisa

Why do CYWs become CYWs? It’s a gift they have. They know they can make a difference in the lives of children and youth because they connect with kids. They’re driven by the good in every child and have an endless commitment to pick kids up when they fall.

At Peel CAS, our CYWs support, direct, encourage and advocate for our children and youth. There are several programs within our Permanency Department that our CYWs currently support: Residential, Placement and Admissions, Access Programs, Adolescent Success, Family & Youth Support Services, Crisis Response and Family Placement.

During Child and Youth Care Workers Week we would like to thank our CYWs for their compassion, commitment and ability to creatively respond to the ongoing needs of our children, youth and families. 


Elisa - CYW

I’m a natural born caregiver who loves working with youth in hopes of making a difference. As a CYW I help stabilize families, mostly due to parent-child conflict. I work with youth and caregivers separately and then bring them back together to mediate situations and develop coping skills to ultimately help change family dynamics.

Recently I was involved with a family in crisis. A single mother and her 14-year old daughter were in constant conflict. Through my intervention, they learned to communicate with each other and how to problem solve together. Mom and daughter grew from no room for growth to understanding each person’s role in the conflict and a desire to change. I just received an email from them thanking me for my help. They feel that for the first time, their relationship has changed for the better.

I have the best job in the world. People invite me into their lives to work with them; to know that I can make a huge impact motivates me to do the best that I can.


Peel CAS’s Crisis Response Team works with families of youth 11-15 years experiencing parent-child conflict with imminent risk of coming into care. CYWs gather strengths and weaknesses of families to develop family safety plans, and work to stabilize them with coping strategies. This team allows Peel CAS to fill a gap in providing short-term home services for these youth until community partners can initiate service.