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Honour Roll recipient - Meet Carrie Andrews

Every year Peel CAS selects individuals or organizations to add to the Peel Children’s Aid Honour Roll in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the lives of children and families in our community. On May 25, 2017, Carrie Andrews, Peel Public School Trustee, was placed on our Honour Roll. Congratulations Carrie!


Carrie Andrews

Carrie began volunteering with Peel CAS in 2009 as a driver, educator and with the Holiday Wishes program. As a volunteer educator, Carrie is a positive ambassador for the agency and contributes her knowledge and experience to assist children and families involved with Children’s Aid.   

Carrie’s volunteer involvement with Holiday Wishes led her to develop the Holiday Wishes Giving Program as a way to reach out to more students in Peel to become involved in their community. Students collect and donate items for families involved with Children’s Aid and Carrie teaches children about philanthropy, giving to others and actively participating in building a stronger community. Her program continues to be very successful in increasing donations and providing opportunities for students to volunteer their time at the Holiday Wishes program. 

Carrie is a strong advocate for children, youth and families in her role as School Trustee.  Carrie has been recognized for significant contributions to schools in Peel Region, to students and their success, and her work in the community receiving the Award of Distinction and the Award of Excellence by the Peel District School Board.