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Long service foster caregiver award recipients Dawn & Anthony Cabral

Everyone needs a family and our foster caregivers have a lasting impact on children and youth. They help children and youth through some of the challenges that come with traumatic separation, loss and other difficulties. As role models, they contribute to helping these children and youth develop a positive outlook and create a sense of belonging.

On May 25, 2017, Dawn and Anthony Cabral received a Peel Children's Aid long service award for 20 years of active foster caregiving. Please read their inspiring profile below.


Dawn and Anthony Cabral

Dawn and Tony have fostered many children over the years and mainly care for our most vulnerable infants. Dependable, warm and loving, they work tirelessly to ensure each child is nurtured and reaches their potential. 

Watching babies fight to survive and grow, and learn and love are a daily inspiration to the Cabrals. Dawn and Tony have spent many sleepless nights taking care of vulnerable infants and driving them to numerous medical appointments. They love seeing children accomplish milestones and even meet milestones that medical professionals said were not possible. In addition, Dawn works hard to engage with biological families and support them in reunifying with their babies and children. Thank you Dawn and Tony for 20 years of service to Peel CAS and the children entrusted to your care.

Tony is also a dedicated volunteer and on May 25, 2017, received an award for 20 years of active service as a volunteer driver.