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September 25-29 is Kinship Awareness Week

September 25-29 is Kinship Awareness Week, an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the commitment, sacrifice, and unconditional love that our kinship families provide to the children we serve and spread the word about kinship. 

At Peel CAS, if a child can no longer safely remain with parents or caregivers our first step is to determine whether there are relatives, community members, or other adults that the child has a relationship with who can care for and nurture them. This is known as a kinship or kin arrangement. 

The benefits of kinship are numerous. When children are placed with kin, they remain connected to their family, community, culture, and religion. They have a greater sense of belonging, and trauma of separation is significantly reduced.  Whether the arrangement is short-term or long-term, the focus is always on safety and well-being.

Our Kinship Team assesses and provides support to kinship families who are caring for a child. In addition, the team also has two dedicated Family Finders who search for and identify family –parents, siblings, extended family or community members– who are willing to be permanent, lifelong connections for a child. 


Did you know?

From April 2016 to March 2017 (our last full fiscal year) 192 kinship families provided caring, loving homes for children in need.