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Peel CAS presents to Peel Regional Council in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month

Everyone needs to work together to keep children safe. October is Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM) and at Peel CAS this month is used as an opportunity to raise awareness of how everyone can work together and “break the silence” that often surrounds child abuse.
“Last year Peel CAS worked with more than 10,000 families,” says Rav Bains, Chief Executive Officer, Peel CAS. “Child abuse does exist in our community and we encourage people to call CAS if you are concerned about the safety and well being of a child.” 
Peel CAS partnered with the Region of Peel and delegated to Regional Council on October 12, 2017. Council was presented with purple #IBREAKTHESILENCE t-shirts to wear on DRESS PURPLE day which will be held on October 24. 
“It is important that we all work together to keep children safe,” says Juliet Jackson, Director of Culture and Inclusion, Region of Peel. “By working together with Peel CAS, and supporting Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are doing our part to raise awareness across the Region. Please call CAS if you have a concern about a child.” The Region will also light up two of its locations in Brampton and Mississauga Purple on October 24 in recognition of CAPM.
“We are excited to have so much support from the Region, our school boards and our community partners,” adds Bains. “It’s important to remember that a call to CAS can lead to an offer to help a family that may need support.” 
Everyone is invited to show their support wear purple on October 24 which is DRESS PURPLE day. Photos can be shared through social media using the hashtag #IBREAKTHESILENCE. 
Peel Children’s Aid protects children from abuse and neglect and helps parents and caregivers build healthy families. In addition to protecting children, which we do with the support of our Peel community, we also work with families who may be facing challenges such as poverty, unemployment, ill health, domestic violence, mental health issues, or caring for a child who has serious physical, emotional or developmental difficulties. Some families also just need parenting support. The best way to deal with child abuse and neglect is to prevent it. If there is a concern – call us. We are here to help. 
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Tracy MacIsaac
Communications, Peel CAS