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When the stars align building a family through adoption

Adoption was something Luca and Dave talked about from an early point in their relationship. “I knew from a young age that I wanted to build a family through adoption,” says Luca. “We continued to discuss it over the next couple of years and researched the different options available to us.”

“As a same sex couple, we felt that adopting through Peel CAS was the right fit for us to build our family,” says Dave. “We attended a number of Adoption Resource Exchanges and learned a little more each time.”

It was during a meeting with their Peel CAS worker to renew their paperwork for their home study that they first saw a picture of the little girl who would eventually become their daughter. “We felt an immediate connection to Olivia,” says Luca. “It was almost too good to be true.”

The next step was to meet Olivia in a neutral location. “I will never forget that day,” says Luca. “She was wearing these little brown boots and her hair was pulled up on her head. I was smitten immediately.”

Even Dave, the logical and practical of the two, observed an immediate connection between Luca and Olivia. “I can’t even explain it. It really did seem surreal.”

They agreed to take time to digest and process that a match had been found. However, it wasn’t long before they decided they wanted to move forward with adopting Olivia, who had just turned two.

“At that point we were transferred to work with Olivia’s worker Julie,” says Dave. “She was a wonderful support person who was always responsive to our questions. She will definitely be on our list for cookies this Christmas!”

Olivia came to live with Luca and Dave in June and her adoption was finalized on October 18. “We had a big celebration of course,” says Luca. “She has won over the hearts of our extended family with her charm, infectious giggle and love of singing.”

Looking back, these new dads say they can’t imagine a time when Olivia wasn’t in their lives. Recently when looking at her Dad and Papa’s wedding pictures she asked “where’s Olivia?” when she didn’t see herself in the photos. “Our five year anniversary is approaching and we are planning something special just so she can be included,” says Dave.

Both Luca and Dave are open to sharing their experience with others. “We recommend that if you are even thinking that you may want to adopt, do your research and get things started,” says Dave. “It takes time, but we felt supported throughout the process.”

“For us the stars aligned,” says Luca. “And now this amazing little girl is our daughter.”

Interested in learning more about adopting through Peel CAS? Click here or contact Bobby Hussain, Peel CAS at 905-363-6131 ext. 3082.