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Celebrating Adoption Awareness Month

Whether through birth, a relative such as a grandparent, uncle, cousin, an adoptive or foster caregiver, families come together in many different ways. At Peel CAS we believe that children belong at home and will do everything we can to keep families together. We work with parents, caregivers and other organizations to build a safe, strong community.  Our goal is to make the lives of children, youth and families better through their interaction with us.

From the onset, Peel CAS examines a variety of options to give children and youth a permanent home. “Ultimately we work to reunite children whether it is back to their own family, extended family, or with someone in their community,” says Bobby Hussein, child protection worker, Permanency Planning. “In some cases adoption is the answer to giving a child or youth a forever home.”

“When I think about Adoption Awareness Month I think about a line in a song by Sam Roberts – You can build a house, you can’t build a home. So much work goes into making adoptions successful and adoptive families truly build homes for the children they adopt.”

Peel CAS is currently looking for adoptive applicants interested in children over eight years of age, children with more complex needs, and siblings. We aim to match the needs of a child with the strengths of a family as well as finding a family of similar ethnic, cultural, community and religious practices.

Did you know? In 2016-17:

  • 192 kinship families and 123 foster families committed to provide love, a home, and continued family connections for children who needed their support
  • Peel CAS completed 18 adoptions, which included a number of sibling adoptions.

Every child deserves a forever home. If you are interesting in learning more, please contact Bobby at 905-363-6131 ext 3082 or check out the Fostering and Adoption section on our website

Olivia, pictured right, was recently adopted through Peel CAS. Read how the stars aligned for her family here.  


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