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Peel CAS NEEDS foster caregivers

At Peel CAS we believe that it is best for children to remain in their homes. However, in certain circumstances, it is necessary to take children into our care to ensure their safety and best interests.

When a child can no longer remain with his or her family, Peel CAS determines whether there are any relatives, community members, or other adults, that the child has a significant relationship with who can care for them. When this is not possible, children are then welcomed by foster caregivers to be part of their family until a permanent plan for their future can be established.

“Being a foster caregiver is a very important role that can make a huge difference in the life of a child and his or her family,” says Bobby Hussain, Foster Parent Recruiter, Peel CAS. “There is a shortage of foster caregivers in our Peel community. Currently we really need families who can work with children who have special needs and families who can care for sibling groups.”

“We know that one of the most successful ways of recruiting caregivers is through word of mouth. We are hoping that as we spread the word, this message will get shared with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and anyone who might be interested in becoming a foster caregiver.”

To become a caregiver, you do not need to be married, have children, or own your own home. You do need strong parenting skills, a love of children and the time to devote to a child physically as well as emotionally. As Peel CAS works toward helping bring children and families back together, caregivers are also involved with the child’s biological family through visits, meetings and by being supportive.

“Foster caregivers work as part of a team to support children and families involved with Peel CAS,” says Hussain. “Caregivers also help children maintain their social, cultural, and religious connections so we try whenever possible to match children with caregivers from the same race and religion.”

If you are interested in learning more, there are a couple of things you can do. A fostering application form is available online at Fill it out and a family placement worker will be in touch with you. Or give us a call at 905-363-6131. We look forward to hearing from you.