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National Volunteer Week - Meet Joshua, volunteer mentor

I wanted to volunteer in an area I am passionate about so I chose Peel Children’s Aid. I am adopted and my parents have been foster parents with the agency for over 30 years. Growing up there were always foster siblings in our home so it seemed like a good fit to become a volunteer mentor to children involved with children’s aid.

As a child I always felt a little different. Being a mentor with CAS gives me a chance to share my experience with others who may feel the same way. We spend one on one time together each week and over time build relationships and trust.

It is very rewarding when you start to see positive changes. I feel like maybe in some small way I have contributed to helping these children and youth develop confidence and be successful.


The involvement of volunteers has a profound effect on the children and families served by Peel Children’s Aid.  As an integral part of our organization, volunteers provide support and encouragement through the generous contributions of their time and their talents. 

Volunteers enhance the work of staff through their support as tutors, mentors, drivers, clerical support, supervised access, distribution warehouse and Holiday Wishes event volunteers as well as in many other capacities. 

National Volunteer Week is April 15-21 and this year's theme is Celebrate the value of Volunteering.

“Our volunteers are the unsung heroes whose efforts improve the quality of life for Peel citizens,” says Carol-Ann Fox, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs. "We want to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for their generosity, their thoughtfulness and their compassion."

At Peel CAS, more than 150 direct service volunteers contribute countless hours and help us provide service to over 10,000 families. How Peel CAS volunteers went the distance last year:

  • Drove children over 900,000 km safely to appointments, parental visits and other outings and events
  • Spent over 739 hours in supervising visits between parents and their children in a neutral setting
  • Mentored and developed personal relationships with children in order to build their self- esteem and get them involved in the community
  • Assisted children that are experiencing difficulty in school by tutoring
  • Shopped for 1473 children, 695 families and 70 independent teens through our Holiday Wishes Program
  • Supported over 735 children to attend summer camp
  • Served 755 children and distributed 12100 pieces of clothing through our Distribution Warehouse


Our volunteers have heart, passion, purpose and soul. Thank you Peel CAS volunteers! For more information on how you can help please contact us at (905) 363-6131 ext. 1423 or visit