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National Nursing Week - Meet Sadaf

I’m passionate about helping families. Previously working in a hospital setting in pediatrics and the neonatal intensive care unit made me realize I wanted to support and empower families in the community, in their own homes, by giving them the skills and confidence to parent.

In my role with Peel CAS I help support the most vulnerable children in our community. I work in collaboration with a child protection team to ensure the safety and well-being of infants and medically fragile children; assess infant development; support families by building parenting capacity; and work with our community partners to link families with appropriate services.

Every family I work with is unique and I adjust my teaching to fit the needs of caregivers. I recently worked with new parents who were overwhelmed and unsure how to care for their week-old son, Kai*. I built a relationship with this family that allowed us to create strategies together to support them in caring for Kai – which included a feeding journal and schedule, setting alarms on their phones as feeding reminders, and basic skills such as how to put on diapers, bathe and even burp Kai. In addition, I connected them with community partners Healthy Babies Healthy Children and Peel Infant Parent Program to help them further build on their parenting skills.

Whenever Kai gained weight the parents and I high-fived each other, and with every challenge we worked together to discuss how we could resolve concerns. A few months later I closed this case based on Kai’s well-being and his parents’ ability to care for him. It was such a privilege to support these parents, and see them grow and adjust to their new roles as caregivers.

*name has been changed


May 7-13 is National Nursing Week

National Nursing Week is a time to honour our registered nurses for their contributions to the well-being of our children and families.

As Infant Care Consultants our nurses are devoted in their desire to keep children thriving and help parents become better parents. They support families with infants 18 months and younger and medically fragile children over the age of two. Skilled communicators, our nurses promote infant well-being through caregiver support and education; balancing emotional and physical care.