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May 14 is Child & Youth in Care Day!

May 14 is Child and Youth in Care Day! This day acknowledges the enormous contributions current and former Crown and Society wards make to the Province, as well as the strength, bravery and resilience shown by these children and youth in the face of adversity.
Peel CAS has made helping youth leaving care to achieve success a priority and created a strategy which focuses on education and employment.  Youth are encouraged to stay in school and can apply for bursaries to pursue post-secondary education.

Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, in 2017/2018, youth received bursaries totaling $230,000. Three youth involved with Peel CAS are sharing their experiences and how this generosity is helping them to achieve their educational dreams.
Click here to read more about Drue, Kazeem and Raven - their stories will be shared in our local papers later this week.



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