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Join us as #Peelgoespurple for kids on October 24

On October 24, 2018, Peel CAS will join other CAS’s and community partners across Ontario to dress purple and raise awareness of how we can all work together to keep children and youth safe.

"It takes a community to support families and care for children and youth,” says Rav Bains, CEO, Peel CAS. “In Peel, we are very excited to be working with partners in our local school boards, EarlyON and day care centres, community organizations, the Region of Peel as well as our foster caregivers, volunteers and youth to spread this message.”

Peel CAS will be participating in a social media campaign during the month of October leading up to Dress Purple Day. We hope you can join us and dress purple on October 24. Be sure to share pictures of your family, friends and coworkers and use the hashtag #iBREAKthesilence and #Peelgoespurple.

Remember to call CAS if you have a concern about a child or youth

It takes a community to support families and care for children and youth. Last year Peel CAS worked with more than 11,000 families in our community. More than 90% of our work is done with families in their homes.  We work to protect children from abuse and neglect and help parents and caregivers build healthy families. Together with partners in our community we work to assist families who may be facing challenges such as poverty, unemployment, ill health, domestic violence, mental health issues, or caring for a child who has serious physical, emotional or developmental difficulties. Some families also just need parenting support.