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Foster Family Appreciation Week - Information night on Wednesday October 17

National Foster Family Week is from October 14-20 and it is a privilege to celebrate Peel CAS foster and kin caregivers as they open their hearts and their homes to help care for the most vulnerable children in our communities. 

Our caregivers are role models, friends and great listeners with much love to give. They are a critical part of the team at Peel CAS – their skill, knowledge and expertise play a key role in ensuring the success of every child who is in our care or placed with family.

This year, Peel CAS has partnered with eight other agencies to raise awareness about the invaluable role foster families play in providing caring and loving homes for children and youth in need. On Wednesday, October 17 at 7pm we are hosting an information night at our Century Avenue office for anyone in our Peel community interested in becoming a foster caregiver. If you know of anyone, please invite them to join us and learn more.

Thank you to all our kin and foster families for opening your hearts and homes to children.