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Using data to improve services at Peel CAS

Peel is one of the most diverse regions in Ontario. All of Peel Children’s Aid’s work is guided by a commitment to diversity and anti-oppression and being respectful of others. Our job is to listen, respect and work with families to create strong and safe environments for children and youth. We value the experience of parents and caregivers and provide services that are culturally sensitive. Peel CAS is committed to supporting marginalized and ethno-cultural communities. In order to do this we are committed to building knowledge of our diverse community.

Collecting and analyzing data has been a long time commitment at Peel CAS. With the increase in attention to the issue of disparity and over-representation of Black and Indigenous children, youth and families receiving child welfare services we want to share some of our data. Click here to view our infographic which outlines the identity of children and youth in the care of Peel CAS including race, ethnicity, religion, language and country of birth.