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The Volunteer Factor - Lifting Communities. Meet Joel

I started to volunteer for Peel CAS because of what I had seen growing up. My parents were long time foster caregivers who opened their home and hearts to children. Their active engagement exposed me to the needs in my community at a young age. Now as an adult, I feel I have a responsibility to give back.

Volunteering as a mentor with Peel CAS is a great fit as I look forward to graduating in June with my undergraduate degree and then pursuing a master’s degree in social work. I am extremely proud when my mentee applies my advice and I can see that it is helping. I recall working with one student, who was struggling with his grades. Together we worked on creating a plan and I helped him to write things down and provided some tips on how to get organized. I encouraged him to ask his teachers for help when needed. It was amazing to see that our work together made school cool to him. I never had a brother growing up and he is like a younger brother to me.


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