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May 14 is Child & Youth in Care Day!

Child and Youth in Care Day acknowledges the enormous contributions current and former Crown and Society wards make to the Province, as well as the strength, bravery and resilience shown by these children and youth in the face of adversity.
Helping youth is a commitment and priority for Peel CAS. In January 2018, the age of protection was raised to 18, and now the agency can provide a full range of child protection services to youth 16 and 17 years old including initial assessment, ongoing services, kinship, and out of home protection services. Since the new legislation came into effect, the agency has been able to provide support to almost 800 youth in this age group. Oakley is one of these youth.
Last year Oakley was 17 and living in a shelter. A support worker at the shelter told her about Peel CAS and the services the agency could provide to a youth in her situation. She began to voluntarily work with the agency and was assigned a worker who was able to provide support in a number of areas. “My worker helped to me to find somewhere to live, made arrangements for school, took me to appointments and even got me some financial literacy training,” says Oakley. “I’m now in a much better place than I was a year ago and working with Peel CAS has been a positive experience for me.” 


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