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Educational bursaries help youth like Tristan achieve his goals

When I was in high school, I sometimes felt like I wasn’t the same as everyone else because I was involved with children’s aid. I had very different worries than other students. Instead of worrying about an upcoming test, I worried about where I was going to live in six months or how I was going to manage when I aged out of care. I definitely didn’t think that going to university was an option for me.

Getting an educational bursary changed that. It actually made something that I felt was intangible into something that I could pursue. I’m currently in my third year of psychology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. I’m also a Community Advisor in residence and provide support for other students living on campus.

It is so hard to put into words the feelings of gratitude that I have to the donors that support the bursary program. You don’t even know me, but your generosity has truly opened up a whole new world. Instead of worrying about putting food in my fridge, I’m able to focus on my grades and be an active part of my university community. All I can really say is thank you. It really has made all the difference in my life.


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