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Meet Sonal, Peel CAS mentor

I love to teach. As a field instructor, I mentor social work students who aspire to work in child welfare. Having been mentored early in my career, I see its value and feel I can provide good guidance. My student Charmaine shadows me. Together we meet with families to assess them and after visits we discuss Charmaine’s perspective – what she learned, her thoughts on the safety of a child and next steps she thinks need to be taken with each family.
Last month, halfway into Charmaine’s placement, I took vacation time. During this time away, my colleagues told me Charmaine went above and beyond in assisting with cases and demonstrating team work, decision making & leadership ability. One case in particular involved a pregnant mom with an 18 month old at a shelter who was about to give birth. Charmaine stayed with her during her delivery as mom only trusted Charmaine and wanted her there to support her. It gives me great joy to see such passion in my mentees.  When I teach, I also learn.
January is National Mentoring Month. Peel CAS provides placement opportunities for students to meet the challenges of child welfare through comprehensive training and professional development. Students completing placements at CAS can expect an orientation to the agency, regularly scheduled supervision, as well as training opportunities where possible which cover the foundations of Child Welfare Practice and skills based workshops.  Peel Children’s Aid currently has 21 field instructors.
Inset: Sonal at left with Charmaine