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Fostering & Adoption

Could you foster to adopt?

Our foster to adopt program is a blend of both fostering and adoption. It provides caregivers an opportunity to provide a permanent home to a child who is currently awaiting adoption or may be eligible in the future.  This program focuses on working towards reuniting children with their family. At the same time, an alternative plan for a child is developed in case it is not possible to reunify them with their family. This planning reduces the time a child spends in care as well as minimizes movement between caregivers which promotes security, permanence and attachment.

As a caregiver your primary role is to be responsible for the child’s day-to-day care and well being.  Major decisions are made in partnership with a team which includes the caregiver, child’s biological family and Peel CAS staff. Foster to adopt caregivers are actively involved, committed and supportive of contact between children and their biological families when appropriate.

Foster to adopt applicants may experience a variety of emotions while caring for a child. Families must be prepared for the possibility that the child could be reunited with their birth or extended family. If this occurs, supports are available to assist with feelings of grief and loss.

One of the greatest benefits of this program is that it allows children to develop and thrive in a supportive permanent family from the moment they enter foster care. Being involved in a child’s life at the earliest possible stage gives caregivers the opportunity to support a child during a vulnerable time in their life and begin to build strong, trusting relationships with the child and their biological family. Everyone benefits.