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Dalit History Month

Apr 22, 2021, 10:24 AM

Peel CAS is proud to recognize Dalit History Month, observed in April to honour the history of the Dalits/Adivasis (Indigenous) peoples (formally known as the “untouchables”) in South Asia. Dalit means “broken or oppressed” in Sanskirt and Hindi, and is a term mostly used for ethnic groups in South Asia that have been oppressed under the caste system for thousands of years. A large majority of South Asian-Canadians in our region trace their family roots to Dalit heritage wherein their extended kin are still fighting for equal rights in parts of India.


On April 6 we hosted an internal seminar with guest speakers Dr. Chinnaiah Jangam and Dr. Srividya Natarajan in order to facilitate an understanding of the Dalit culture’s unique history which can directly be applied to the children, youth and families we work with. 


Further details can be found here.


dalit history month