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Customer Service

At Peel CAS we are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Customer service is embedded in the agency’s Strategic Plan – it is the backbone of how we provide service to children, youth and families. Customer Service Standards ensure consistent high quality service. These standards create value to our customers in ways that are beneficial to them and ones which allow us to measure how well we are doing.

We know that good customer service gives us tremendous opportunity to reinforce and grow our relationship with our customers – clients, service users, partners, foster parents and volunteers.  Customers are anyone we provide a service for. 

To establish Customer Service Standards we talked with staff about what experiences we wanted our customers to have when working with us.  We reviewed feedback from client surveys to find out what was important to families and youth and their relationship with us. From this feedback we developed standards to guide staff in carrying out the agency’s commitment to excellence in customer service. 

When working with us we want you to feel:

  • Respected
  • Cared about
  • Listened to and heard
  • Helped and valued
  • Supported, understood and accepted
  • Safe, included and non-oppressed
  • Treated fairly and humanely
  • Welcomed
  • Positive about our interactions and our relationship with you
  • Engaged
  • Comfortable working with us
  • That your needs are important to us
  • Your concerns are taken seriously by us
  • You are involved in decisions that impact you


That we are:

  • Responsive
  • Open and transparent
  • Invested in our relationship
  • Tuned in and attentive


That we:

  • Work in partnership
  • Live up to our promise
  • Respond in a timely way
  • Learn from you
  • Strive to improve our services