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Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence

Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence (CWICE)

Peel Children’s Aid and the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies have partnered to establish a Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence (CWICE) – a service to help Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario with the increasing number of issues related to immigration status associated with the children and families serviced by children’s aid societies.

The case for early and rapid resolution of immigration status issues for children and youth within the child welfare sector is clear. Resolving immigration status issues in a timely manner has the potential to make a very significant difference in the lives of children and youth to ensure they have access to services such as education and employment.

Changes and trends within child welfare sector have solidified the need for a centralized Child Welfare Immigration Centre as a long-term solution, including:

  • Increased need for equitable and culturally responsive services
  • Increased awareness of children and immigration status issues
  • Renewed interest in these issues
  • Recognized need for a longer-term sustainable solution

Services provided by the Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence will include:

  • Consultation and support for Ontario child welfare organizations managing complex child protection and immigration cases
  • Short-term interventions to assist children with immigration related status challenges
  • Raising awareness on the scope and importance of immigration status, settlement and integration issues
  • Identifying and developing partnerships and protocols with local, provincial and federal partners to resolve immigration issues
  • Collecting data and facilitating research to promote an improved understanding of the scope of immigration issues across the child welfare sector
  • Developing resources that can be used by the child welfare sector, children and families and former Crown Wards

Who does CWICE serve?

  • Children and youth under 18 who are receiving services from a child welfare organizations in Ontario
  • Youth 18 and over that are former crown wards or receive continued care and support from a child welfare organization in Ontario

Tips for making a CWICE referral

Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Ontario CPIN reference number (or client name and DOB if outside Ontario)
  • Your follow up contact information (name, role, organization/company, phone number, and email)
  • A brief summary of the request

To make a CWICE referral

There is someone available each business day to respond to your CWICE questions and referrals.  If you have a child protection concern, please call us at 905-363-6131 where you can speak directly with a child protection worker.

To contact CWICE directly, email or phone 905-363-6131 ext. 2222.

For more information about immigration status issues for children and youth in care, see the Immigration Status Matters guide. 

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