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Fostering & Adoption

About the kids

Children in care come from many different cultural, racial, ethnic, religious backgrounds and range in age from infants up to sixteen. In order to meet their needs we are committed to matching a child with a family with similar ethnic, cultural and religious practices.

These children and youth may have been exposed to neglect, abusive situations or prenatal use of drugs and alcohol. Some children have special physical or emotional needs.   Although each child is different, they all share one thing in common: an immediate need for a safe and loving family. Peel CAS workers, caregivers and adoption families work together to fulfill this need.

In consultation with a worker, caregivers and adopting families decide the age, the gender, and the child’s level of complexity that would best fit with their family. We try to keep siblings together and are always looking for families to provide care for siblings.

Although we may not always know a child’s full history, foster caregivers are provided with all known information regarding a child before he/she is placed with a family. Some examples of information shared are; why the child is coming into foster care, the child’s health, i.e. allergies, immunizations and medications, religious, cultural or ethnic considerations, behavioural issues, and any special needs.