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Volunteer with kids

Supervised Access

Volunteer Position Description


The Supervised Access Program is a supportive access program for children and families in the care of Peel Children's Aid.  Volunteers will facilitate supervised visits, provide support to parents and children by ensuring a safe and comfortable visit.


Description & Expectations:
  • Ensure that the children have a safe, comfortable visit in a supportive environment
  • Provide support to both parents and children and facilitate interaction
  • When necessary, assist parents/children to seek appropriate toys/activities
  • Provide the appropriate level of supervision to families as directed by the On-site Access Facilitator
  • Support, interact and play with children whose visits are delayed, cancelled or terminated
  • Assist the On-site Access Facilitator with the set up and clean up of the program, including cleaning toys when necessary
  • Complete observation reports on families supervised
  • Provide verbal report to On-site Access Facilitator regarding any problems during the visit
  • Other duties as assigned i.e. filing
Supervised By:
On-site Access Facilitator

Qualifications Required:
  • Previous experience in child welfare
  • The ability to work in a team environment and share responsibilities
  • Maturity, flexibility, sincerity and ability to remain non-judgmental
  • Comfort with intervening when necessary on behalf of a child
  • Ability to follow direction and seek assistance when required
  • Excellent writing skills
  • A working knowledge of the diverse cultures within the Region of Peel
  • A second language would be an asset
  • 2-3 years working in social work
  • Good observation and listening skills-perceptive
  • Good command of the English language
  • Ability to keep accurate, concise and legible notes
  • Some experience with crisis management
Time Required:
  • Saturdays and Sundays between 9:30am to 12:30pm or 1:00pm to 4:00pm or 9:30 to 4:00
  • A minimum of 6 hours per month
  • A minimum of 3 hours per weekend shift.
  • A minimum commitment of one year.
Scheduling Procedure:
  • Volunteers must submit their availability to the Supervised Access Coordinator by the 2nd last Monday of every month
  • Volunteers must commit to taking 1 shift every week (two out of four weeks per month)
  • The Supervised Access Coordinator will schedule volunteers based on the needs of the program and the volunteer’s availability
  • Volunteers who do not provide their availability will not be assigned shifts.  If a volunteer is not assigned shifts for more than one month, they will be removed from the Volunteer list
  • Excellent hands on experience for students considering a career in Social Work, Child & Youth Work and Early Childhood Education.
  • Educational opportunities within the organization and in the Community.
  • Initial on-the-job training for those considering careers within the field.
  • An opportunity to work as part of a larger team.
  • An opportunity to learn new and valuable skills which may be marketable in the search for future employment in other disciplines.
  • An opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of a child and their respective family.
  • A sense of self-satisfaction and personal accomplishment.