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Protecting Children

Who calls Children's Aid?

Anyone can call Children’s Aid if they have a concern about the safety or well being of a child. Each year we receive more than 10,000 calls from professionals who care for children such as teachers, daycare providers, or doctors. We also receive calls from concerned family members, friends or neighbors who may be worried about a child. Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect still occur in our community and we cannot assist a family if we do not know they need our help. 

We encourage everyone who hears of a child's safety/well-being concern to call us. The law requires professionals who work with children to report abuse or neglect concerns if they suspect a child is in need of protection.

Still not sure if you should call? Watch a short video which describes how the call you make to CAS might be the most important one you ever make. WATCH VIDEO

The brochures below will also help determine why, when and how you should contact Peel Children’s Aid.

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