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Student Placement Opportunities

Peel CAS is focused on providing quality placements with a clear, consistent process that focuses on staff and student development to invest in the agency’s culture of learning and continued support of our educational partners. Changes were made to the Student Placement Program in 2013 based on feedback from students, schools and staff and to reflect the program’s vision that recruitment of staff/students, matching and support each have a relationship to the other and are necessary to provide quality placements.

Placements are offered in the following areas;

  • Social work, BSW/MSW
  • Child & Youth Work, CYC/CYW
  • Legal Services, Paralegal
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Human Services, BEd, RN,
  • Communications
  • Information Technology


Peel CAS generally accepts resumes from students three times per year for placements commencing in September, January and April. Peel CAS has an affiliation agreement with several post secondary intuitions with whom the majority of placements are coordinated with and where priority is given.  Placement availability is based on the needs identified by departments and the staff who express interest in instructing students. Our staff field instructors are required to apply to the Human Resources department to become a field instructor and will have a minimum of 2 years experience in their current role.


Once a student receives a confirmation of a potential opportunity they can expect a pre-screening phone interview by a Training and Development Specialist in the Human Resources & Organizational Development department which assists the Specialist in matching students with staff field instructors.   Once matching occurs a formal interview follows. Interviews are not a guarantee of a placement offer. 


Peel CAS is committed to improving the capacity of all staff and students to meet the challenges of child welfare through comprehensive training and professional development.  The society is also intent on providing students with a positive learning experience with Peel CAS. Students completing their placement at CAS can expect an orientation to the agency, regularly scheduled supervision based on the agency’s supervision policy, as well as training opportunities where possible which cover the foundations of Child Welfare Practice and skills based workshops.  Staff instructors are also provided with training on instructing students and receive support from the training and development department as needed.

For placement inquires and questions please contact Helen Doulos at 905-363-6131 ext 2425.