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Human Trafficking


Ontario accounts for more than half of Human Trafficking cases in Canada. The Greater Toronto Area is near all major highways and the airport, making it a sex trafficking hub. This allows for easier movement of victims across the country.


  • 70% of human trafficking victims identified by police are under the age of 25.
  • 62% of Canadian human trafficking cases originate in the GTA.
  • 12 to 24 years old is the average age of victims.
  • 63% of victims trafficked in Ontario are Canadian citizens.

Children and youth involved in child welfare are at an increased risk for recruitment into sex trafficking due to their associated vulnerabilities. In response, Peel Children’s Aid Society (Peel CAS) is part of the Peel Human Trafficking Service Providers Committee that works with over 40 service organizations to end human trafficking through a collaborative strategy in community education and building support networks for victims and their families. 


As a member of the Peel Human Trafficking Service Providers Committee, Peel CAS has been involved in many recent initiatives within Peel Region such as:

  • The development and implementation of a SAFE house
  • A Human Trafficking Service Navigation Hub
  • The Region of Peel Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy
  • Community education and participation in various campaigns within the community to raise awareness of issues related to Human Trafficking and how it affects those in Peel Region.

Community partnerships include: Peel Regional Police, Elizabeth Fry Society, The Region of Peel, Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin, Victim Services of Peel, Our Place Peel, and many more.


Peel CAS will also soon have a human trafficking navigator who will manage cases where human trafficking is suspected. The navigator will work together with the agency’s established internal anti-human trafficking committee to provide consultations and resources while strengthening Peel CAS and the community's response to child and youth trafficking.


Together with our partners we work to:

  • Build a holistic understanding of the current challenges related to human trafficking to create a preventative response.
  • Provide resources, support and coping strategies for survivors / victims of human trafficking and their families.
  • Create and implement safety plans for children and youth at risk of, or currently involved in human trafficking.
  • Develop streamlined processes and preventative strategies with local and provincial partners.
  • Build capacity throughout the sector by providing training, community education, and opportunities to collaborate.


Help is available. If you are a victim or survivor of human sex trafficking or forced labour, or you know someone who is, contact the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline or at 1-833-900-1010.


If you are concerned about the well-being of a child or youth please call  us at 905-363-6131. Service is available 24/7 and all calls are confidential. If you would like to learn more about our anti-human trafficking services please email us at


Many thanks to our incredible staff who help to move this work forward, Peel CAS' anti-human trafficking committee members include: Elisa Reid, Emily Smith, Faith Buttigieg, Gillian Tennyson, Julia Trainor, Katherine David, Kathleen, Williams-Peddie, Liz Okai, Manjit Pannu, Natasha Hercules, Pardip Pannu, Sylvia Kolitsopoulos, Prasad Nair, Martina Kosticka, Arathi Packiyanathan (Co-Chair) and Alicia Boothe (Co-Chair).