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Diverse group of kids in a park

Our DEI Journey


Our DEI journey began 18 years ago, and we are excited of the advancements we have made so far:

  • We continue to have the lowest number of children in care per capita of any CAS in Ontario, and, notably, the lowest number of Black children in care per capita.
  • We do 99% of our work with children, youth and families within their own homes, with an 84% overall client satisfaction rating.
  • The most diverse child protection agency in Ontario, we offer an array of ethno-culturally responsive programs and service models, including Akoma, Saath, the Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence, Ujima, the Village, Awaaz, SAYA and our Youth Success initiative.

We are grateful to our compassionate and dedicated staff, Board, caregivers, and community partners who have helped to make these achievements possible, yet we acknowledge that there is always more work to do.


We know that we must continue to advance change and foster an inclusive organization. As we continue on this journey, we commit to:

  • Expand our network of leaders, programs, and research tools to build upon our sustainable DEI strategy;
  • Collect and analyze data to identify gaps and establish evidence-based practices;
  • Provide resources and services that meet the diverse needs of our staff and the children, youth and families we serve; and
  • Conduct annual reviews to ensure our strategies meet those needs.

Above all, we will listen, learn, and work together to ensure that our commitment to DEI, anti-racism and anti-Black racism informs everything we do.