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Group of kids at school

Educational support

Peel CAS is committed to ensuring that our youths are successful at all levels of their education. We want young people receive the support they need to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. We offer a variety of support options to help our youth succeed.


Educational consultants

Educational consultants act as school board advocates and provide advice and support to obtain appropriate school placements for children and youths.  If you are experiencing emotional concerns, occasional behavioural challenges leading to school exclusion/suspension, feel like you sometimes ‘socially don’t fit in’ at school, or are generally going through situations that affect your educational success – we can help. Speak with the adults in your life like your social worker, CYW, foster, kin or biological parents, guidance counselors or email us. We are all here to advocate for you.



Tutoring has many benefits and research shows that great learning is achieved through one to one instruction. Our tutors identify individual strength and learning style, which help children and youth learn more efficiently than they would in a larger class. To request a tutor, please speak to your social worker.



Bursaries are available to help you pay for post-secondary studies. Speak to your worker about financial support offered by the Peel Children’s Aid Society and the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation. Click here to find out about our 2024 bursary opportunities.


Getting your high school diploma

If you didn’t finish high school, there are alternative ways to get your diploma.