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Homes for Kids

Fostering and adoption have a shared goal – ensuring children have lifelong connections they can count on. This is referred to as ‘permanency’ and happens when children who have come into care are reunited with family or when Peel CAS helps children find a new permanent family.


Fostering is the act of bringing a child into your family temporarily, caring for their needs, and offering emotional support during a difficult and confusing time. It is always our goal to keep families together. When children cannot remain at home because of serious concerns about their safety, foster families care for the child until they can safely return home. Could you be a foster caregiver?


Adoption is a way to create permanency for a child or youth who is unable to live with their family. Very few infants and toddlers are available for adoption. Children and youth needing adoptive families are often older, sibling groups, have experienced trauma, and may have complex medical, behavioural or emotional needs. There is an expectation of openness between adoptive and birth families in all our public adoptions. Could you adopt?


Currently, Peel CAS urgently needs caregivers and adoptive families for teenagers, siblings, and children with complex and special needs. It is important that we have diverse families who reflect and understand children’s heritage, ethnic origin, culture, religion and language. When applying, families must identify the special needs they are willing to consider. Learn more about the kids and how we work to find the right family for the child.


Thank you for your interest in providing a home for a child or youth in need. Please explore this site to learn more so that you can make the right decision as to whether your family can commit in such a powerful and personal way.

All children need a family.

Whether through birth, a relative such as a grandparent, an adoptive or foster family, families come together in many different ways. 
Currently, Peel CAS is looking for people who are open to welcoming new members into their family through fostering or adoption.
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