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Line of university graduates

Post-secondary Studies

You are on the right path by choosing post-secondary education.  This is a smart decision that will set you up for success in an increasingly competitive job market and allow you to explore who you are as a person. If you are struggling to choose what to study and where, the following questions are helpful.


  • What do you want to be when you grow up…or are you still undecided?
    Consider which courses you enjoyed, and where you received the best grades. If you discover new interests later on, many colleges and universities provide ‘ladder courses’ to help you fill in any educational gaps and reach professional goals.
  • What value are you expecting from your education investment?
    If you are considering a professional program, make sure that the program is accredited and you can use the qualification to find employment.
  • Are extracurricular activities important to you?
    A well-rounded education includes extra-curricular activities like athletics, volunteering, etc.  Many employers look to hire well-rounded employees.
  • Do you have all the secondary school credits you need?
    Check with your school guidance counsellor to make sure you have all the credits you need to graduate, including any prerequisites for the program you want to study at college or university.

Paying for your post-secondary education

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) offers grants and student loans to help you pay for your education. There are also hundreds of bursaries/scholarships available. Visit sites like and to learn about lists and eligibility criteria. Bursaries are also available through corporate donors like Storwell


Click here to learn more about bursaries offered in 2024 by Peel Children’s Aid Foundation. Find out more about education planning and student aid at 


If you are considering an apprenticeship, college or university, support is available to help you on that journey. We are here to help!