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Trailblazers Youth Centre

Together we Thrive!

Peel CAS developed the Trailblazers Youth Centre to create an innovative and equitable service delivery model – developed and led by youth – for children and youth to access exceptional services and supports to thrive, belong, build life-long connections, and position themselves as leaders.

The Youth Success Team was created as part of Peel CAS's youth strategy to improve outcomes for youth involved with the agency. Together we lead and support programs and services that will improve the outcomes for youth.

Trailblazers Youth Centre provides a range of support services for young people who are involved with our agency. Together with our Peel Children's Aid Foundation (Peel CAF) we have worked to enhance educational opportunities through collective Youth Success services which include providing more children and youth in care with access to post-secondary education while providing networking platforms, career resources, and skill-building workshops to help youth achieve success. The Trailblazers Youth Centre promotes a growth mindset while tapping into the unique talents and interests of each youth.

The Trailblazers Youth Centre provides opportunities for youth to become active members of a community that fosters a sense of safety and belonging while delivering fun and exciting experiences that leverage the potential of each participant.

Areas of focus include:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Employment & Education
  • Cultural Identity
  • Physical literacy
  • Life Skills & Financial Literacy
  • Youth Justice
  • Human Trafficking
  • Housing
  • Social & Family Relationship Building
  • Youth Leadership & Mentorship

Read more about the launch of the Trailblazers Youth Centre facility.


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Know your rights

All children and young people receiving services through a Children’s Aid Society have rights that must be respected and a voice that must be heard. 
Find out more about your rights, who to talk to if you have questions, and what to do if you think your rights are not being respected, with the Government of Ontario's
Children and Young Persons’ Rights Resource.
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