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Adoption is one of the key ways to achieve permanency for a child who is not able to live with their biological parents. It is a process which brings together a child with a family and is intended to provide children with security, a sense of belonging and lifelong relationships. Adoption is established through a legal process. In Ontario, adoptions can be arranged through the child welfare system or Children’s Aid Societies, private adoption agencies and international adoption agencies.


At Peel CAS we welcome diversity in adoptive parents - including single parents, all ethnicities and religions, same sex couples, and those with modest incomes. People who adopt may be first time parents or already have children. They want to be someone’s parent and are ready to make that lifelong commitment.


Centralized Adoption Intake

There are several options available for people who are considering adopting a child. A great resource to learn more about different types of adoption, and how the process works, is the Centralized Adoption Intake service. We recommend that you review the information there as a first step, to find out more.


About the kids

If you are considering a public adoption through a Children's Aid Society, it is important to understand that the children who are available for adoption are almost always older and may have special medical, behavioural, or emotional needs. Read our About the Kids page to learn more.  


All adoptions are open

Applicants should also be aware that there will be an expectation of openness between adoptive families and birth families. This could range from photos or letters, to virtual or face to face contact between birth families and children. This connection helps reduce the trauma of separation and loss for children and youth. The degree of openness a child needs, a birth parent wishes, or what an adoptive family can accept, is carefully considered early in the adoption process. 

    Financial support

    The Government of Ontario offers financial subsidies to eligible parents who adopt children in care.  Learn more about the Government of Ontario's funding guidelines.


    Learn more

    The following web sites can provide more information on adoption in Ontario: