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Statement on Comprehensive Review Report

Oct 1, 2021, 13:00 PM

The Board of Directors of the Peel Children’s Aid Society received the Comprehensive Review Report from the Ministry of Community, Children and Social Services (MCCSS) on Friday, October 1, 2021. The full review has been posted on our website and can be found through the link provided below.


“The safety, well-being and inclusion of our staff and the community we serve are our highest priorities,” stated Juliet Jackson, Peel CAS Board President. “The report has made it clear that while we have focused and delivered on our commitment to excellence in service delivery, we have at times lost sight of the needs and experiences of our own dedicated staff - the foundation of our agency. We must do better, and we will do better – through concrete, unified, measurable action.”


The Centre for Conflict Resolution International (CCR) will work with Peel CAS on the development of a restoration plan, with the oversight of the Board of Directors. CCR will engage with agency staff, the union, the anti-Black racism steering committee, the MCCSS and the broader community, to build a collaborative plan to act on the report’s findings and recommendations.


Rav Bains, Peel CAS CEO, stated: “I have long been proud of this organization and the incredible, innovative work that our staff do every day to support children, youth and families in our community. This report makes clear however, that we have not done enough to welcome the input of staff and empower them to inform decision making. I know the workplace culture must change if we are to remain successful. The critical insights and recommendations in the report will help guide this agency towards healing, rebuilding trust and meaningful, transformative change. Our leadership team is committed to working collaboratively with staff, the union, the Ministry and the Board to act on this report and build an organization where everyone feels respected and supported.”

The Board of Directors is grateful to all staff across the organization who participated in the review and shared their open and honest experiences. They would also like to thank the MCCSS, the Osborne Group, and the Centre for Conflict Resolution International for their leadership in ensuring all voices across the agency were heard. 


“We remain committed to embracing the recommendations in the report and to listening, learning and working side-by-side to ensure that all staff feel valued and respected,” stated Ms. Jackson. “Together we will build a workplace culture that is truly inclusive of the unique needs of our staff, rooted in anti-racism and built on a foundation of respect, safety and belonging for everyone.”


Peel CAS’s collaborative restoration action plan will address the recommendations and findings of the review in greater detail.  The agency’s plan, including any updates, will be posted on the Peel CAS website as available.


Download the Comprehensive Review Report